I always forget how much it costs to host a family function. I mean, I know but then I still am amazed when I end up spending $300+ or whatever on a meal for a big family holiday. You guys know what I’m talking about! So I received an email from BJs Wholesale Club about getting all your food for your family’s Easter brunch for under $100 and I was all, noooooo way, not do-able.

But guess what, it is! Because I did it! We had a faux Easter brunch to test it out thanks to a gift card we received from BJs and the food was good and perfect for Easter.

For under $100, you can get all of these items for Easter brunch all at your local BJs:

Well, with the exception of the Prosecco if you live in a state like I do and can’t get wine at your local BJs.

The Crescent Bunny Rolls are perfect for the holiday and everyone loves Crescent Rolls, right? (I literally have to make two tubes for my family of four some nights just because my boys love them so much)

Here’s a great How-To YouTube video if you want to try it out:

So I varied the menu above a little to suit our tastes. We did a big bag of Kale from BJs instead of Brussel sprouts, and I made Kale Chips, and went with mashed potatoes and of course the ham. Plus the Crescent Rolls and fruit. Really, it was PLENTY and I bought other things but the food for the “Easter” meal itself was way under $100. And we had tons of leftovers. My kids were like, “why are we having such a big meal right now?” because there was so much.

IMG_3567 2

I tend to forget to go to a place like BJs when I’m shopping for a big holiday dinner which is silly given that we’re feeding more people during the holidays when we host, right? The benefit of course when you’re a member is that you’re shopping in bulk and getting a great discount – which is just perfect when you’re hosting a big group at your house.

Disclaimer: I was given a gift card to shop & experience getting items for Easter from BJs to help facilitate this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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