wonderfull After the baby was born, my skin kinda went crazy. I had painfully itchy patches that I scratched so much they were becoming raw. Yeah. I know. Gross.

I was desperate. I swear I spent more money on OTC creams, lotions and potions. I talked to pharacists, doctors, moms. Nothing was working. And I didn’t want to try anything perscription because I’m breastfeeding. And then I got an e-mail from MammaMio about their new O-Mega Wonder-full Balm, packed with O-Mega vitamins and natural oils. I read the subject line: “Fix Fried Flip Flop Feet.” It was August. I felt my feet. Yeah. Fried was a good way to describe them. And if something can fix them, surely it can fix my patches. Right?

I tried it, of course I did. Its like the thickest Vaseline you’ve ever touched. Like beeswax. Plus, it smells much better than Vaseline and its less greasy. It goes on smoother than some of the baby products I was trying out (yes, I even tried products made for babies).  After about a week my fried feet were feeling more smooth (it took a little longer than a week to feel unfried) and my patches weren’t painful. Eventually, after loading Wonder-full on at least twice a day, my patches disappeared.

I’m so totally hooked on this stuff. I now use it on my hands and while it starts out a tad greasy, its totally swallowed by the skin, yet theres moisture left on the outside. When I think about the cold weather we’ve had and the fact that I’m changing infant diapers, all I can think is thank goodness for O-mega Wonder-full Balm. Its a skin saver.

Thanks to MamaMio for providing a sample of O-mega Wonder-full Balm for this review.


  1. Oh my goodness…you had it too! About 3 weeks after giving birth to my daughter, I itched and scratched myself raw and bleeding. The OB and dermatologist had no logical answer…even had a biopsy taken and nothing! But I itched and scratched for about 2-3 weeks and then it just went away. I too was breastfeeding and they gave me a topical steroid which was nasty but helped somewhat. The best thing was some cream I got OTC but it smelled so nasty I thought I was going to vomit each time I put it on. I am pregnant now and can only think of the fear, not of giving birth, but scratching myself raw again!! I’ll have to try this “wonder” product in that case.

  2. OMG! So good to hear someone else had “it”! Yes! My doc had absolutely no idea. She said she’d never seen/heard something like this before. My derm just shook his head in wonder. I had it after a MC and again after the birth of my 3rd (not after my first 2 were born.) Hoping you don’t get terribly awful patches but if you do, definitely try out this option!

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