Paging through a magazine while I was on the elliptical a few weeks ago, I came across a dermatologist singing the praises of a new anti-aging serum – PM Reversal Serum by Sadick Dermatology. It promised to reduce wrinkles and normalize skin pigmentation with two key ingredients I’ve been eying to add to my skincare regime – peptides and retinols. Sadick Dermatology was kind enough to send over a sample of their new serum and here’s the nitty gritty on this new anti-ager.

What’s In It

Dermplex™, a combination of powerful anti-aging stimulating peptides and stabilized retinol to help strengthen and support the skin structure and reverse the visible signs of aging.

– Peptide complex which works to create smoother, clearer and more radiant skin by improving collagen production and cell regeneration

– Retinols and Alpha Hydroxy Acids which improves your skin’s elasticity and barrier function by stimulating epidermal turnover and collagen production

How to Use It

Apply once a night after cleansing. One pump dispensed the perfect amount of serum to cover my face and neck.

The Results

Granted I’ve only been using the product for about three week now and to be fair, you want to give most anti-aging products 3-6 months to begin to see accumulated results, but so far, I’ve been very impressed. Here’s why I’m already a fan:

It feels great. No stick residue. No tacky sensation. No headache-inducing or husband-avoiding scent. It goes on smoothly, sinks in and leaves my skin feeling moisturized until morning.

Perfect packaging (almost). After dipping my finger into the jar of my last night cream for the umpteenth time, I’m glad that the PM Reversal Serum has a sanitary pump. And even better that it dispenses the perfect amount. The jar is tinted to keep the light from breaking down the ingredients, but unfortunately this also means that it’s tricky to know when you are running out.

– No irritation. If my skin isn’t happy, it definitely lets me know it but with the PM Reversal Serum I’ve had no irritation, no redness and no breakouts.

– Is that a glow? I know it’s only been three weeks, but already my skin tone is more consistent and there’s an improvement in the smoothness.

You can buy PM Reversal Serum by itself ($48 for 0.5oz) or as part of Sadick Dermatology’s three-part Park Avenue Prescription starter kit for only $70 (that’s a $52 savings!) which also includes AM Protection Cream and PM Rejuvenation Cream. It’s available now on Sadick’s website, and coming in July will also be available at Sephora stores and


  1. Thank you so much for your review.
    I’m thinking on buying the Sadick Trio.
    My only concern is !
    I’m 38 and if the cream or serum is to oily I tend to breakout on my chin.
    Would you still recommend it.\Kindly,

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