I love the idea of gifting a gift card. I mean, what mom… err.. kid… doesn’t walk wide-eyed down the aisle of a toy store, gift card in hand, knowing he can get ANYTHING off the shelf? But its the giving of a gift card, especially for a child, that is a bit of a problem. I mean, my kids don’t want to show up at a 4 year old party with just a card. And what kid gets excited to receive and open an envelope, when he has 10 other brightly wrapped packages surrounding him? How boring!
So I’m really impressed with Fiesta’s plush gift bears. Each bear (and other holiday-themed animal) holds a card holder, making the presentation something more special. And a whole lot more fun than “just a card.” Find them locally at gift shops. I have a few in my gift closet so that I’m always ready to give.

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