When I was in elementary school, I was in the school play. I played the Queen in the Emperor’s New Clothes. I had to sing and ohhh-and-ahhh about the Emperor’s beautiful new suit of clothes when in the reality of the story, he was prancing down the street naked. It was only when a lone boy called out that he was naked that everyone else admitted that they couldn’t see the clothes either.

That’s how I feel about Fifty Shades of Grey. Only I’m the boy this time because God help me people, I see how awful this book is and I’m calling out to the crowd of people who love the book.

Have you guys heard of this book? It’s tough to have missed any of the buzz about it so I imagine you have and if you haven’t, you can read the synopsis here on Amazon.

The fact that this book is the #1 book on the New York Times Best Seller list is appalling to me. The book being poorly written doesn’t offend me. It mildly offends me that the plot and characters are pretty much stolen from Twilight (this story was written as Twilight fanfiction).

What really offends me the most is that so many women are obsessed with this awful book that I feel completely degrades women. The characters are awful. Christian is a douchebag with major problems. I can almost forgive him for his “issues” due to his terrible childhood experiences. And he does care for Ana in his own screwed up way. But Ana is the worst. She just goes ahead and submits to this man who basically abuses her.

I think I’m a pretty open-minded person but the fact that this book has taken the world by storm just boggles my mind. I won’t be reading book two. If I want trash, I’ll continue with my Black Dagger Brotherhood books or go back to reading Judith Krantz like I did when I was in middle school.

What do you think? Did you like this book? I know I’m in the minority with the way I feel about it so I’d love to hear from some people about why you liked it.

Disclaimer. I just wanted to mention that since I was linking to Amazon, I used my affiliate link for this book. But if people actually click through and buy this book based on my review I will donate any proceeds to a local women’s shelter. I’m totally serious.


  1. Please get off of your high horse! IT IS A BOOK!!! I’m not trying to be rude or nasty in anyway, but come off it. First of all he doesn’t abuse her, Both characters in the book agree to this relationship! Secondly, this book is ment as a light read. Why, do we psychoanalyze everything? If you don’t like it that is fine, but don’t put down that it degrades women. You have yourself admitted that you’ve only read the first book in the series, therefore you don’t know the rest of the story! Like I said before I’m sorry if I sound rude or nasty that was not my intent.

    • I don’t know Amber, in my opinion there’s definitely some emotional (and physical) abuse going on. No, I haven’t read book 2 or 3 and won’t be. But as this is an opinion piece about book one only, the rest of the books don’t factor in.

      Re: psychoanalyzing – it’s a book. People review and discuss books. I *do* think it’s degrading to women. That’s my opinion, it’s not a high horse any more than your comment and feelings that it isn’t degrading. I respect that you have a differing opinion and appreciate that you respect mine.

  2. Whoa Amber – it is clear you meant to be rude and nasty, why pretend otherwise? Everytime somesays “I don’t mean to be….”, um, yes you do.

    I’ve gotten through about 1/3 of the book and I’m not eager to keep reading, unlike my admitted obsession with Twilight. I will finish it, but I, too, (SO FAR) think it’s scary what a pathetic character Ana is. Again, I’ve only read 1/3 so I do not know if she changes later.

    But alas, it is stupid fiction and if people like it, then whatever. I read a Jackie Collins book last year, so I’m not above some trashy novels.

    I do not understand the craze over it though. The cover of Entertainment Weekly – really?

  3. Ditto what Jennifer says to you Amber. Please. let us not be discourteous, please.(Even though you are emphatic about not wanting to appear impolite, you actually did come across that way). Whitney states fact as well as her opinion in her review. It’s a review! that’s it. We ARE permitted to have differences of opinion,in a polite society that is. We are permitted to disagree but we should NOT be rude to those whose opinions we do not agree with . It’s a simple rule.
    ok with all that said. I cannot comment on this book. However. let me say that often I see a movie that has been nominated a bajillion times for an emmy/oscar or whatever and I personally am surprised and in disagreement. Now again, I understand people differ in ‘sphere of reference’ in what they like or do not like. I understand that. However sometimes I do wonder if it is a baaa baaa mentality. Which may answer the question why many seem to agree with the Ocsar nominations or the Bestseller nominations-just to go along with the crowd. Perhaps.

  4. I too think that Amber was out of line. How much easier it would be to disagree without being discourteous.

  5. Im with you! All my friends are pining over this book and I just dont get it. Finished book 2 last night. I freaking bought all three – so I’m going to complete the series.

    But the murmuring… how much murmuring can two people do?? And the abuse. The insecurities. The jealousy. It’s one of the most unhealthiest relationships I’ve seen!!

    All that sex is fine… and the dominating doens’t really offend me. The book would be hotter if he wasn’t so broken.

    The whole DONT TOUCH ME B/C I cant handle it – is SAD. Not Sexy! I dont see how people aren not reacting to that MAIN piece!

    It was and still is a sad, sad read. Not a sexy one.

  6. And there is no REASON TO GET NASTY with Whitney! Give me a break. She wasn’t nasty in her review… don’t get so offensive.

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