bees.jpgAre the walls bare in you child’s room? Have you been meaning to find something to put up on their walls but can’t find the right piece of art? Well let me introduce you to an extraordinary website that creates fine art for kids.
Whoobie fine art for kids brings colorful, vibrant art into children’s lives. Each whoobie print is a museum quality giclee reproduction, printed on canvas and stretched over a ¾” deep wooden frame. Each piece comes ready to hang. No additional frame is needed.
Jennifer Elliott, who creates the contemporary fine art for kids, has a passion for making children smile. She creates each painting with the hope of brightening a child’s day. Color, expression and curiosity are three of the elements that she values most in children’s art. She strives to capture all of these elements in her work. A lot of her unique artistic work is of fish, frogs, bees, flowers and elephants. Each print is available in two different sizes so you can be sure to find one that fits your space!
We cherish our Busy Bees 3 painting. It is simply beautiful and my daughter and I constantly admire it when we are in her room. The colors and design are just gorgeous! It is such a welcome addition to her bare walls.
Do your kids love getting mail? How neat is this? You can sign-up for their free whoobie post card program. Four times a year they will mail you, or your child, a new whoobie postcard – free of charge! Each postcard is of a different whoobie print. You can frame the post cards or pin them on your fridge!
Don’t stare at your kids’ bare walls anymore. Use code MWS10 to save 10% off of your purchase.

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