I was so excited in anticipation of this one. We only just got a Wii a few weeks ago and when I was buying it, I asked the employee at the store for some good preschooler game recommendations. He showed me a few but said there wasn’t anything really geared specifically for preschool age. Not that that’s stopped Nate (4) from playing, he loves a lot of the games on the Wii Play and Wii Sports discs – but I was hoping something that was actually made for him would come out.
So it was very timely when I heard that there was a Go Diego Go: Safari Rescue game coming out last week. We got it the day it released and we’ve been playing it ever since. The premise of the game is that the evil magician turned all the elephants into stones – so Diego and Baby Jaguar are on a mission to save the elephants. Along they way they of course encounter other animals that need help.
We haven’t gone all the way through the game yet but we’re having fun trying. It’s definitely a wonderful game for the under age crowd – the game is very specific in teaching and showing the kids how to conquer each section with the Wii remote (a little help button on the bottom left of the screen is always on, showing the kids what to do.) What I also really love about this game is that Diego can’t “die.” When he comes to the edge of a cliff, if my son runs him to the side (and what would be off the edge of the cliff), Diego just stands on his tiptoes and pulls himself back.
It’s not exactly the most challenging game – I think anyone over the age of 5 may be a little disappointed with it – but it’s perfect for the under-5 crowd.
The game sells for $39.99 – you can get it on Amazon or at most stores that carry Wii products (I’ve seen it in the past week in Walmart and Gamestop)

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