So check out what had recently happened to one of the corners in my kitchen.  With two elementary-school aged kids coming home with homework each weekday, we’re always in need of the usuals – crayons, colored pencils, pencils, glue sticks and scissors.  While I have a neat little organized area in my laundry room for arts & crafts, we had gotten lazy.  It’s so much easier to have a little spot full of everything we need in the kitchen.  Only it looked like this: 20130127-193156.jpg

I went on Amazon in search of something to organize everything and settled on this Fiskars Art Caddy ($11.44, Amazon) fiskars 20130127-193139.jpg




Better, right?  I had to get rid of some of the items but really this is all we need on a daily basis.  The kids love it and I love having much of my counter space back.  Get the Fiskars Art Caddy on Amazon for $11.44.

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