dvd_image3.jpg I have been through my share of multi-trimester body changes. Multiple Times! And like many tired but hopeful moms, I have an entire bookshelf full of workout dvds promising miracles. One claims I can get my abs back. Another claims that I will strengthen my core and sleep better. Still another says my buns, are gonna rock the house.
But not until recently, have I found a workout that simply promises that I am not going to scream for my own mommy anymore when I bend over to pick up the cookie that my oversized toddler (who I am of course holding) has dropped on the floor for the the ten-thousandth time. And what about this physically toiling mommy move – putting the new baby in the center-seat installed carseat when you’re postpartum? Ouchy! Talk about feeling the burn!
Which is why the Fit and Giggles post natal workout program was developed by a physical therapist and a new mom. They realized that flat abs and buns of steel aside, us moms have very specific manuevers that we do day in and day out – and they are actually quite physically demanding. Doing these things when you are not in shape to do them can result in injury,(thrown out back, anyone?) pain and suffering. What is surprising, is that even moms in great shape have stress injuries from mommy work.
Designed to be done with your child in your arms and at your side, this video will save you from much agony. And, you never know, it may also help you get your flat abs and steely buns back too. Which is a nice perk, don’t you think?

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