P77955bSince I’ve been on Weight Watchers for the last 7 weeks, I’ve been trying to watch my portions. Fit & Fresh has really helped me with that. I love their Smart Portions line — choose from a 4 pack of 1 cup containers ($9.99), a 4 pack of 2 cup containers ($9.99) or a 2 pack of their 2 cup containers ($5.99). Features include measurement markings on the side, removable ice packs which clip to the underside of the lid to keep food fresh and chilled, and lids that are tabbed on two sides). All Fit & Fresh products are easy to clean, freezer, microwave and top rack dishwasher safe (except for the ice packs). Do not microwave the ice packs. Now, when I go out for the day (or even if I portion out my food in the refrigerator), I know exactly what I am eating. I can fit them into the little cooler I take out with my kids daily. I even use it around the house while I am cooking to quickly measure out ingredients. Last night I used the 1 cup container to portion out my pasta serving.

I also love their Salad Shaker ($9.99). I eat a lot of salads, but don’t usually take them when I go out P59709bbecause packing the dressing is usually such a problem. This container lets you take a salad AND has a dressing dispenser (so you don’t have a soggy salad!). When you’re ready to eat, just twist and shake. You can take your own utensils or a snack in the top storage compartment. This makes it much easier for me to pack a salad (I also like that I can portion out my dressing).

Another product that I also tested is their Food Scale ($11.99). It also helps me to portion out food in my home. The food tray is removable and dishwasher safe. You can get the measurements in grams or ounces (and this food scale easily fits in the cabinet, when you aren’t using it).

Another Fit & Fresh product that is getting a lot of buzz is their LivePURE Filtered Water Bottle ($12.99). Holding 20 ounces of water, this water bottle filters water on the way out (so you can fill up from a water fountain and enjoy clean, filtered water on the go). It offers anti-microbial protection and is a great, green alternative to bottled water.

Shop here for Fit & Fresh’s products (click on transportation for the Smart Portion line or Salad Shaker) or click here to find retailers.

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