My daughter loves having picnics (inside this time of the year)! She loves setting up her adorable ceramic set that comes in a beautiful wicker basket she received as a gift years ago. And, what picnic wouldn’t be complete without a blanket? With the warmer weather hopefully coming shortly, we’ll be able to have picnics outdoors thanks to our new Zip-n-go Blanket!
zipngo.gifThe Zip-n-go Blanket is not your typical outdoor blanket. It also becomes its own Tote Bag. How cool is that!? No more fussing with carrying a blanket that unravels as you walk or keeping track of a separate carrying case. This blanket has it all! You simply, fold, zip and go! It’s really that easy! This awesome blanket is highly water resistant (we’ve accidentally already tested that part out!) since it is made from coated nylon on the outside. The inside layer is made with premium velour anti pill polar fleece and is super soft. With its large outside pocket and inside security zip pocket, it becomes a great Tote Blanket to carry your keys, drinks, snacks, magazines and diapers. The Zip-n-go Blanket is manufactured right here in the USA. It comes in a variety of colors/styles. In addition to it being used as a picnic blanket, it makes a great baby play mat, camping blanket, stadium blanket, soccer blanket and it is great to store in the car too! This generously sized blanket measures 57” x 71” and folded up, its Tote Bag size is 18”x15”x2”. It weighs approximately 3 lbs and is machine washable. The outside pocket can even be embroidered to personalize it.
earthbutton.jpgThey also make an Eco-Friendly Soft Velour Anti Pill Recycled Fleece Zip-n-go Blanket that is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles!
Keep dry and clean, while relaxing and enjoying life wherever you might be! Purchase a Zip-n-go Blanket and save 10% off of your purchase, by entering code MWS09 at checkout.

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