The following was written by guest reviewer Kate:

My husband and I were campers before kids and wanted to maintain this habit after we added munchkins to the mix despite the occasional inconveniences of camping with infants. While we did discover that a pack-n-play would fit in our tent, the space it took up both in the tent and during packing made it a hassle. While I’m not a huge fan of excessive baby gear, when camping or traveling in general, there are some gear items that really do make all the difference. Enter AirCrib.
AirCrib is a portable, packable, inflatable crib for infants 5 months and under. Included in the set is the AirCrib, a hand pump, a fitted sheet and a stuff sack. Here’s how it works: 1) Open the value on the self-inflating mattress – mattress will adequately inflate on its own while you work on the rest of the steps; 2) Unroll the AirCrib and inflate the bottom chamber with the hand pump; 3) Individually inflate the four side chambers; 4) Put the sheet on the mattress and insert mattress into bottom of AirCrib – done!
We’re tried out the AirCrib in a tent, the back of our car, at the beach and at friends’ houses and only have rave reviews for the product. Some of the reasons it’s worthy of four stars? 1) Quick set-up and take down—it takes 5-6 pumps to inflate each side and the quick deflation tabs mean pack-up is a breeze; 2) Color—the gray color nicely camouflages camping dirt, backyard grime and sand residue while the neon green mattress sheet give the AirCrib a kick of color; 3) Light and compact—a mere 6lbs. compared to the average 20-30+lbs of a pack-n-play means this bed is easy to transport and the 11”x11” stuff sack everything fits into keeps packing and storing the AirCrib downright convenient.
My only initial qualms were with the 5-month age restriction of the product—although in comparison to many kiddie products this is actually a fairly decent use-span for infant gear. I believe the recommended age limit is due to the product’s roughly 2’x3’ interior size as well as the mobility and strength of older infant to get out of the AirCrib on their own. However the product website states that while the AirCrib is “approved for infants up to five months,” it “can continue to be used into the toddler years as a sleeping device.” And when I attempted to put my 16-month old in the AirCrib, he was indeed able to easily escape its confines, but had he been blurry-eyed and sleep-ready, the AirCrib would have suited him just fine as a place to lay his head.
Whether exploring the Grand Tetons or just staying at Grandma’s house over the holidays, you won’t be disappointed with the ease, convenience and comfort of the AirCrib. Buy one for yourself or one to leave at the in-law at
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Guest reviewer Kate Bayless has worked as a high school English teacher, data analyst, manuscript editor, and sippy cup tester. In between writing gigs and trips to the park, she fills her days with multi-act puppet shows, fierce battles with piles of laundry and trying to visualize the perfect color to paint her living room. She lives in Ventura, CA with her husband, son, black Lab and baby on the way.


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