So I had a friend growing up who was a huge Hello Kitty fan.  If her parents had given her a car, I could just imagine the look on her face had she walked out to the driveway to seeing this parked with a bow on top.

Sanrio, the company who brings you the Hello Kitty brand has partnered with Smart Car to bring the Hello Kitty Smart Car in celebration of Sanrio’s 50th anniversary.

Turns out, these are actually vinyl stickers that fit the Smart Car.  $1700 for a full wrap, $550 for a partial. What do you think?  All I know is that I doubt my grade school friend is still carrying around a Hello Kitty pencil case, so it’s probably a good thing this can peel off if the driver so choses.  Still, for a Hello Kitty fan this is pretty cute and sure to be a conversation piece.


  1. I’m thinking . . . this is adorable, but I do not think I would drive a car with this display. But this could definitely be a new “trendsetter”! Think of all the possibilities . . . “Batman & Spiderman” mobiles for the guys . . . .your favorite sports teams. . .etc. i guess it would be “one more way Americans could express their individualism”!

  2. Oh I hope they don’t come out with Batman/Spiderman Deb, my kids would be all over that and then not only would I be driving a minivan but it would be the Batmobile-Van for sure lol

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