Here’s a cool and different bag, the baby care bag from Studio Cherie. She’s fashioned these bags after the traditional-looking camera bag and it’s fun looking. It doesn’t scream “diaper bag,” yet has all the functionality of one. It has a built-in changing pad, just zip down and it unrolls to reveal a pad and a built-in wipes pocket that you can pull wipes straight out of. The surface of the changing pad is made out of a vinyl which wipes down easily to clean.
It has two side pockets for bottles, cell phone, etc. And the top is interesting – it has two zippers to zip out to reveal the inside, which is made of a fabric called Crypton which is created to resist moisture, stains and bacteria. And you gotta love the attached clip – great for someone like me who is always losing my set of keys.
Visit Studio Cherie to check out the bags – free shipping on the baby bags.

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