I really should have taken a picture of our tupperware  cabinet for the sake of this review.  But I decided not to because I try to only open that cabinet once a day since you never know what random piece of tupperware is going to come flying out and whack me in the face. We have different containers, different tops, and it’s chore every night to mix and match the right pieces together.

I have two kids I have to pack for.  One is in Kindergarten and he isn’t allowed to buy lunch.  Not only do I have to pack him 5 lunches each week, but I actually have to also pack him a snack in a separate container every day.  That’s 10 packings.

Then my 3-year-old goes to preschool 2x a week.  That’s two lunches, plus a third lunch on Fridays when I have lunch duty at my older son’s school and I bring him a long.

Got that all?  (There will be a quiz later so you guys better be paying attention.)

The total is 13 times I’m packing some sort of lunch or snack each week.  And that’s with just two kids, one of whom is part-time.  I can only imagine what those of you with more kids and older kids are dealing with each day.

Enter EasyLunchboxes.com.  You guys know the story – one Mom was sick of dealing with the same frustrations I outlined above, so she invented her own system.  Everything fits in this neat little system she’s come up with.

I highly recommend watching the video so you can get the visual.  It’s just an awesome little system so you aren’t scrounging to mix and match containers each day, plus it’s only one item to wash and it’s eco-friendly since it eliminates the need for plastic baggies.

Use coupon code Mama10 to receive 10% off your order on the EasyLunchboxes.com website.

Lastly, even if you aren’t going to buy, check out the EasyLunchboxes.com SmugMug photo folder with lunchbox ideas.  There are some creative and neat lunch ideas – so worth looking at if you’re in a rut for coming up with ideas to put in your kids lunchbox!

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