I could pick up a crayon or pencil and play all day. Totally therapeutic, I love the smooth feel of crayon across paper, creating visions and displaying messages.
When I first heard of Soy Crayons I wasn’t too sure. I mean, soy? We were all raised on wax, right? So how could soy work as well? Then a friend shared Stubby Pencil Studio, and I (I mean, the kids) were turned on to a lot more than soy crayons. The crayons draw bright and smooth. And they last. We’ve had them for weeks and while the points have dulled, they haven’t shrunk too much.
Stubby Pencil Studio also carries the most amazing scented “Smencils.” In a word, YUM! Made from recycled newspapers, they are encased in a plastic casing–don’t toss the casing. The gourmet casings are so delish you’ll soon be craving Cotton Candy or Bubble Gum like never before. (I’ve also been told that a few sniffs of chocolate fulfilled a dieter’s hunger–Weight Watcher’s beware!) Also at Stubby Pencil Studio: eco-friendly pencils, colored pencils and novelty pencils.
Of course, you can use all of these fantastic, Earth-friendly products for any project, but since your’e ordering, check out Stubby Pencil Studios orignal artwork: notecards and personalized stationery. Printed on 100% recycled stock, the vivid images are completely chid friendly. My kids loved sending Nana a birthday greeting last week from the Color’n Kids Interactive Cards line–a card they colored and traced on their own. And the Wink ‘n Curtsey Personalized line is adorable as well.
While shopping, check out the Gifts ‘n Kits section. There are excellent play ideas there, including Made by Me kits that provided a great afternoon family activity for us a few weeks ago.
Enter bonus code MWS08 at checkout by clicking Questions, comments or BONUS CODE to receive a free set of 12 eco friendly colored pencils with any purchase ($5 value). (note – the coupon code goes in at checkout – on the review your payment page – on the left hand side there is a spot to click. It is easy to miss and they are working on a new e-commerce system that will actually be able to accept discount coupons. If anyone misses putting in the code, they can just email and Kate will include the pencils. No worries.)

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