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Nate reading one of the Pendragon books on vacation in Florida last month (which we had to pay crazy amounts to overnight via Amazon to get to our resort when he finished the one before it)

My formerly reluctant reader has done a 180 in the last two years.  Nate was never a fan of reading in the early years, something that drove me nuts as an avid reader myself.  Looking back, I realize I needed to just give it time because now, in 5th grade, he loves to read.  Since before the holidays, he has been reading the same series and has not put it down.  It’s called the Pendragon series (link goes to book 1).

It’s a 10-book series involving a teenager and alternate dimension/world travel.

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As of last night’s latest reading frenzy, he was halfway through book 9.  He has loved following Bobby Pendragon and his adventures and if you have a boy around the same age, check out this series.  Book one is called the Merchant of Death and you can get it on Amazon for $9.99.


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