I have to say, it’s with great frequency while testing out some of these baby products that I think, “now why can’t they have this in adult-size?” Our little pint-sized friends get wrapped, bathed, carried around and treated with such awesome quality products, life is good for our babies.
The Baby Bonkie is one such product. The best way to describe the Baby Bonkie is to say it’s a pouch that makes swaddling easy. The baby slips in and two folds come over to velcro in front of baby, making them snug and happy. What I love about the Baby Bonkie: the inside. It’s made of a faux fur that is so soft to the touch. And *warm*, I can’t imagine a baby going cold when wrapped inside one of these. But if that’s a concern for you, Baby Bonkie makes a “Sherpa” version that’s even heavier than it’s regular product, so never fear, your child will not go cold wrapped in one of these.
Buy the Baby Bonkie on Bambini Bliss. It’s normally $48, buy two for $80. Use coupon code BONKIE to receive the discount at check-out. Expires January 31, 2007.

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