koru One of my go-to snacks for awhile now has been plain Greek yogurt. I don’t know when Greek Yogurt became a *thing* but we all know it’s a popular option in the dairy aisle at your grocery store these days! I usually have a little plain with some honey and I’m good to go.

But recently, I checked out Koru Dairy – creamery style yoghurt – and I was reminded that regular yogurt is pretty amazing too! Especially the creamery style kind, like Koru, which is nice and thick- sweet and delicious!

Straight from Koru’s website: We use simple, familiar, high quality ingredients and never any artificial flavors or preservatives. Real food and real taste and great for kids and parents alike!

We were lucky enough to have a whole bag of samples to try. Cole’s first choice was the Pomegranate + Cherry flavor and we both shared that up you are seeing at snacktime.


Here’s a pict of all of the flavor choices – love them all but my all time favorite is a tie between mango and the pomegranate + cherry!


What’s really nice too is that it’s great plain too.  Not up for the fruit?  Simply don’t mix it!

So check out Koru’s Store Locator to see if you can get it at your local grocery store.  They are only east coast so far but will be expanding soon!

And if you’re local to Philly, Koru will be doing tastings at my Mom Mixer on Saturday April 13th in downtown Philadelphia!  Message me @WhitneyMWS for an invite or leave me a comment here so I can get you an invite to come check ’em out!


  1. Koru looks good. Will definitely look for it on my next grocery run. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. I love the new design, and I’m looking forward to trying Koru out. It’s gluten-free, correct?

    • Barb – yes! Gluten-free! I know Colleen’s son Kyle who is gluten-free has been eating it! It’s delish – you can talk to them about it at Mom Mixer next Saturday too!

  3. Yum! I’ve been looking for a place to pick up Koru Yogurt, so thanks for including the locator.

  4. My family likes Greek yogurt and now eats it to the exclusion of other kinds.I am interested in checking out this Kuru Yogurt.

  5. That looks yummy! I never jumped on the greek yogurt band wagon but I have used it in cooking. I’m a bigger fan of “regular” yogurt so I’ll give this a try!

  6. I love this yogurt! No bull!

  7. That’s funny, because just yesterday I was in Wegmans thinking “I can’t believe how Greek yogurt has taken over everything.” 🙂 Those look yummy, I’ll check them out. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I would love to attend the mixer tomorrow. Please email me the info. Thanks

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