I’ve been showing off this beautiful necklace and charm for a few weeks now. Its so well made, and looks incredible with my little guys’ faces smiling at me. Don’t fret about how to drop the to your husband that you’re dying for one. Just copy and paste, feel free to edit so it works for you.
Hi Honey,
I know how very busy you are, so I wanted to help you with shopping for a Mothers’ Day Gift. Of course, you don’t have to get me anything, but I know that you will and I really just wanted to help you out along the way.
I found this stunning necklace on Etsy when I was researching healthy diets for kids last night. All you’ll have to do is send them a picture of our little one (let me know if you need me to e-mail it to you) and they’ll take care of sizing the image, changing to black and white and setting it into a charm. With our little guys’ photo, it’ll be stunning and adorable. And don’t worry, Dancing Otter Designs is making your life simple! They even include an 18″ silver wheat chain, so you won’t have to rush off to the store to find a matching one. You and the kids can just put the pre-wrapped-in-a-cute-little-origami-envelope necklace in a gift bag (I have a collection in the storage closet) and hand it to me at Breakfast on May 11. (Yes, that’s Mothers’ Day.)
You’ll notice on the Dancing Otter Designs website that there are 5 designs for the reverse of the charm to chose from: Heart, Hearts, Round, Mom and Love. They’re all subtle in that they are silver on silver, and I heard that the heart looks just fab.
And here’s the great news: things on Etsy are handmade, and this is photo charm is made by a Dad, Mark, who creates the necklaces to perfection in his spare time. A hobby becoming a business to make your life so much easier, Hon!
I even found a coupon for you. Just enter “MWS” in the comments area when you order and they’ll refund your standard shipping fee. (Free shipping!)
Just hoping to be helpful. All my love,
PS The last date to order for Mothers’ Day delivery is April 25.

You’ll also want to order an exra for the Grandmothers. These charm necklaces are gorgeous and sure to please every giftee. I can’t stop looking at mine, and neither can my kids. Of course, they love looking at the photo of themselves that I take with me everywhere I go–and they’re not exactly treating it gently–but its made to take a beating and keep on wearing.

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