So sometimes it’s nice not only for the kids, but for us as parents to have a movie that isn’t one of the movies or tv shows we’ve seen a thousand times. For awhile there, I thought I’d lose it if I watched another Dora or Diego episode, or was forced to watch Toy Story yet again.
One show my son loves that is definitely underated and refreshing is Franklin. It’s on Noggin and we watch it now and again, but not “often” by our standards. I’m not really sure why either as he seems to really like it. Anyhow, we recently got the new Franklin movie and it was a big hit on a recent trip out of town.
The plot: Franklin goes on a quest with his aunt and friends to find something for his sick grandmother. Nothing too scary, a long journey that teaches Franklin some good lessons and yay, everyone’s happy and smiling in the end. As it should be with a preschool movie, right?
Seriously, the characters are sweet and it has a nice message. It’s coming out next Tuesday – you can buy it on Amazon, free shipping when you spend $25 or more – order now and have it on or close to the release date.

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