Well, I finally caved and let my 9 year old set up Kindle for himself. He’s been a reluctant reader and I somehow felt he really needed to get on solid reading feet before reading on a Kindle.

But then my Mom sent me two old Kindles they weren’t using and I decided to go ahead and give one to Nate since it was free. My only wish is that I had done it sooner! He’s definitely a child of today’s modern technology amenities as his love of reading has finally come now that he’s on the Kindle. (Note – he’s using the original Kindle that isn’t touch screen.)

He’s gone through a variety of books but his favorite thus far is this series – the Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja.  It’s actually free to borrow to Amazon Prime Members so he’s been reading all of them at no cost!  Check it out guys!  It’s $2.99 per book for non-Prime members so definitely more affordable than most books.

Amazon lists this book as appropriate for ages 9 and up and have it ranked at a 4th grade reading level.  I read a couple pages of it – it’s silly and funny and certainly entertaining for 9 year old boys!

Download Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja on Amazon for free if you are Prime Member and $2.99 if you aren’t.  There’s 4 books in the series.


  1. Awesome! Thanks for the scoop!

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