By Guest Reviewer Angela

We’ve all been there. At a restaurant, the grocery store or the doctor’s office when our kids get impatient and restless. Maggie Tales offers a new, fun way to keep your kids occupied — even when you’re out and about.
The website offers books that have been converted into digital media files. The books are “read” by professional voice talent and have music to accompany them, too. Your kids can view them online, or you can download them in a variety of file formats for your cell phone, iPod, Sony PSP, iPhone… you name it!
The site currently has a handful of books geared toward kids ages two through eight. They are adding new books each week. Check it out and download a few books for the next time you’re out with the kids. The best part? It’s completely FREE!
The featured book is These Little Hands. Click on “Other Maggie Tales” to view all of the books.

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