This post could have been titled “When Worlds Collide”. It’s about two great things, that are getting together (your peanut butter, my chocolate style). What happens when you combine quality kids entertainment group with an engaging interactive animated kids website?  A live concert in cyberspace!

Airing Friday, Saturday and Sunday June 19th-21st at  Secret Builders, The Jumpitz free virtual concerts will go live at 8:00am, 3:00pm and 11:59pm PST. Live action meets virtual reality as fan favorites Emily, Jake, Josh, Mari, “Jump In and Discover the World” of Secret Builders.

We recently had the chance to see the Jumpitz perform live in Los Angeles and my 4yo son was absolutely mesmerized by them. He hasn’t stopped talking about them. The best part was when he said “The Jumpitz are REAL mommy!”. Tori Spelling’s son is a fan of the group as is Scott Baio’s daughter. You can check out the Jumpitz videos on the Jumpitz site now, or just tune in live for the free concert in your own living room or kitchen. I dare you not to tap your toe.

Secret Builders is a really engaging site that melds educational content with games and fun activities, in a skillful fashion. I love that they have programs that give back to public schools. Make sure to tune in this weekend for a great show.


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