You’ll find pretty, simple and functional nursing covers on the Amuse Me site. The nursing covers here are similar to other nursing covers on the market, with the addition of brightly colored bows, strategically placed in areas to distract and amuse your baby while you are nursing. (This is a great product for those babies who otherwise like to kick the cover off!)
Buy the Ferris Pink print and a portion of the proceeds from your sale will benefit breast cancer research.
Use coupon code MWSFREE for free shipping on all orders through November 30th.


  1. Oh my goodness, I think the last thing I’d want is one more distraction while I’m trying to get my baby to just focus and nurse! Of course, it would be nice if he’d just leave my glasses alone. And yeah, he does also push the cover off…
    Anyway, those are really cute covers! I love the yellow one with the birds.

  2. Might want to check with Amuse Me — the coupon code does not work. Their website says the coupon code you provided is not available yet.

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