Hooray for new Stride Rite shoes.  My three year old had gotten a little too attached to his last pair of sneakers – which he fittingly called his “Hulk Smash Shoes.”  (They were green.)  Because he thought wearing them gave him superpowers, you all can understand that he was reluctant to give them up even though they were too small and hurting his feet.

So when Stride Rite sent over a couple of pair of shoes – including their new Extinction sneakers ($35) – I was jumping for joy that Cole was excited about this new pair.  He’s calling them his “Dinosaur shoes” and they’re velcro so he can put them on and off himself.

Love them.  Big Brother got a pair too.  I love the price point on these shoes too – $35, plus you get free shipping when you order two pairs or more on the Stride Rite website.


  1. what imagination!- they do look like dinosaurs-I see the teeth!

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