In honor of UV Safety Month, UV Skinz is giving away 3000 swim shirts. No coupon needed. Just go to the UVSkinz site and place your order for any of their products and you can choose a free swim shirt/rash guard. They’re hoping to make you a lifetime customer and win you over with their high quality solar protective gear. They won me over with their inspiring story.
I can’t say enough good stuff about this line of quality solar/swimwear. It’s designed with safety and comfort in mind and goes the extra mile. This means using higher quality more durable fabrics, stitching seams in such a way as to eliminate the itchies, sewing in a nametag that helps avoid clothing loss at the pool, and putting together colors and styles that are aesthetically appealing. Has anyone else noticed how ugly some of the kids rashers out there are? Who designs that neon fabric? And who decides purple, black and chartreuse should go together? Have no fear of swimwear fashion faux pas or sunburn with UV Skinz. I just wish that I had been wearing one of their rashers at the water park last week. I had an allergic reaction to my sunscreen and got fried!


  1. Delighted to hear such unbiased critical comments. Yes its true, all of the solar protection business is more about profits for the companies that market the rubbish rather than the kids health.
    A long T shirt thrown over a pair of speedos is just as good and a lot cheaper.

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