Last week, I reviewed the Fresh Diet – a diet and meal plan that gets delivered to your doorstep daily. I’m missing the food! I wanted to show you guys what some of my daily menu included.

So here is my first day from the Fresh Diet. I had a quiche for breakfast – all of the quiches were amazing! I didn’t eat the sugar-free cupcake that day because I don’t eat anything with sweetener. I think I had missed that when I was selecting my food but that is one thing I wanted to mention about this plan – a lot of the sweeter foods had sweetener in them, I could taste it. Since I’m more of a meat and potatoes than a cupcake for a snack girl, it wasn’t much of a problem but did want to mention that if you are thinking about it and have any sort of aversion to sweetener. Just pick accordingly!


Day Two. Everything here was delicious! Except I didn’t get to taste the fresh mozzarella skewers because my five year old stole them from me and had them for HIS snack!


Day Three. The Muffin at breakfast was especially delicious! All of the breakfasts from the Fresh Diet were really good.

I won’t give you the rest of the days but you can see that you get quite a variety of food! The best part too was that I picked these foods. You can an option of 3-5 things for each meal and YOU select what you want. As long as you select ahead of time, you’ll have a menu every day of preselected foods that were your own choice.

Visit the Fresh Diet and use this link and special coupon to receive a special rate of $29.99 a day (normally $44.99) plus use coupon code semommar29 to receive 3 days free when you sign up for a 31 day plan.

This post is sponsored by The Fresh Diet. I also received a weeks supply of The Fresh Diet food to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Wow is what comes to mind first reading your menus. Everything and I do mean everything sounds so yummy!. . I imagine the portions were just right? Were you ever hungry after each meal?. . Glad you mentioned the sweetener. I do avoid sweeteners-would rather have a smaller whatever with real sugar than any artifical sweetener. With that said, the other meal offers do sound so appetizing.

    • Portions were perfect Mom! Small but you know, the way they should be. My meal plan was for 1200-1400 calories a day. You can opt for a plan with lower calories but I wouldn’t recommend it.

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