I had a wedding last weekend. My husband’s cousin was getting married. He and his cousin pretty much grew up together and we have known his fiancee foryears now so we were really excited to head to this party and to celebrate Dave & Annie.

The ceremony was at 3:30 in the afternoon on a Friday but the reception at a fancy venue in downtown Philadelphia in the evening so I took a few stores to figure out what I really wanted to wear. At first, this was the dress I almost went with but after sharing on Instagram I felt that it was just a tad too casual and I was in search of a transitional dress that would go day into evening wedding.

After a few stores, I settled on this beautiful, simple dress from White House Black Market. I could not have been happier with it – I received tons of compliments on it during the party and I can tell you guys that it was one of the most comfortable dresses I have ever worn. It was like wearing and dancing in a nightgown all night.

It’s the Asymmetric Chiffon Midi Dress – which is now on sale for $66.99! (Which is annoyingfor me because I paid full price but YOU can get the sale price!)

The sales girl talked me into these Leather Tassel Ankle-Strap Heels, which weren’t cheap but they were just too adorable to say no to. I also have another pair of White House Black Market high heels that are some of the most comfortable shoes I own so I thought I would go for it on the hope that these were also comfortable. They were! I did end up with small blisters right where the strap hit by my pinky toe but that was after 3+ hours of hardcore dancing on the dance floor so overall, I think they did pretty well.

For jewelry, I also went with this Sodalite Drop Fringe Necklace – I don’t do much silver these days but I liked that it was something different and it had a fun tassel that hung low that matched the tassels on the heels. The sales girl also recommended this one because she said it was a nice touch to have the piece up top of the dress that looks like a shorter necklace but that it still was the type of dress that could stand to have a long delicate. I think she nailed it.


  1. Brenda Dailey says

    What a cute couple!!! Love your dress and his tie!!!

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