I had never heard of Leonor Greyl haircare products until I was on my way out the door at a recent Hollywood event. “You gotta feel my hair!” I overheard one the the vendors chatting with a pal. “It’s never been this soft. I used that stuff from Leonor Greyl…”
Beneath my wild mane of wiry locks, my ears pricked up. Soft Hair? Huh?! Leo-who? I did a 180. Clearly I needed to learn more.
Leonor Greyl products hail from France and are completely different than any product I have tried domestically. It’s not what has been added to them that makes the difference, but what has been taken away. Harsh chemicals and sudsing agents are replaced with pure gentle botanical ingredients. And the first thing you notice is the smell. Distinctively different from American shampoos because it lacks that generic fruity-gummy-candy smell that is ubiquitous in the marketplace today. Sometimes, despite vast marketing research to the contrary, I don’t want to smell like a preteen. And Leonor Greyl’s less overpowering scents are just what you would expect from a French line. Seductive, and slightly mysterious. The subtle sexy way a grown woman should want her hair to smell.
The second big difference in their shampoo is that it does not get all foamy. It emulsifies but you won’t be making soap mohawks to amuse yourself. Turns out all that bubbly detergent actually dries your hair out. And your hair gets just as clean without it. Seriously. This might cause you some amount of culture shock. But once you embrace the overwhelmingly soft, sexy Frenchness of your new hair (think Bridget Bardot) it’s so much easier to let the foam-hawk go.
Every product that I tried from this line was excellent. Including their new Mousse Doucheur Fleurs D’Oranger (for baby) , a premium infant/child hair and body wash. This heavenly smelling product was lovingly formulated after the birth of the founders first grandchild. Featuring orange blossom water and the purest botanicals, it is extremely gentle and kind to baby’s skin. Rest assured that it is also hypo allergenic and won’t sting their eyes so you and your baby can look forward to their bathtime ritual. Now all the hair in our family smells and feels great.
Being a product tester can be dangerous at times. The caveat is that you occasionally find things that you must add to your shopping list, in perpetuity. I now cannot live without my Leonor Greyl products. They are not inexpensive, but they are worth the slight added expense. I cannot remember the last time my hair felt so good, in a natural way. No matter what your own personal hair issue is, they have a vast range of product options specifically formulated with the right plants to make all your hair days “bon” Hair days. Check out BeautyHabit.com where they are currently offering a $30 value gift with purchase and free shipping when you spend $100 on Leonor Greyl Products.

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