Here’s how me and my shoe habits go each summer into fall: I’ll have spent the summer in several pairs of totally comfortable and carefree J Crew flip flops. They get wet at the pool, sand at the beach and generally worn down to the point that everyone around me is probably rejoicing then fall arrives and I have to wear something other than flip flops.
September will roll around and I’m forced to sadly put away the worn out (although comfortable) flip flops so I can go to closed toe. I usually start wearing fall shoes and end up with blisters, or I’ll be uncomfortable in the least.
If I have to give up my comfy flip flops, I’m happy to at least turn to boots. Because I love boots for the fall. I’ve been shopping around and hadn’t found anything I loved until I found this pair of boots – the Bristol boot – from Ecco. (yes, the same maker of children’s shoes – I did not know they made for women & men as well.)
I thought these would be totally uncomfortable. I didn’t care. I had one of those “I’m being totally irrational and wearing them anyway because they look hot” moments and walked out the door.
And I’m happy to report – they have to be the most comfortable pair of boots I’ve ever owned. Yes, even with that pointy heel. They’re chic and comfortable — what’s not to love? The leather is really soft and pliable and if I can’t wear flip flops through the snow, I’m appeased to wear these.
You can buy them directly on the Ecco site.

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