It’s easy to forget how much you’re in the sun and how damaging it can be to your skin. For myself, I’m very responsible at the beach or out at the pool – SPF 15 or higher for this crazy pale Irish skin, always.
But what I forget sometimes are all those times in the summer when we hit the park for an hour, or go for a short walk – when I don’t think to apply sunscreen and we’re all unprotected.
I was recently reminded of how much sun I’m getting after a wedding hubby and I attended. Post-event, I uploaded a few photos to Facebook. Many of my friends and family members remarked how I had a crazy tan (“who are you?”, was the gist of their comments) and how I needed to get myself more SPF lotion. I hadn’t really noticed, but over the summer, this freckled Irish skin has turned into something that definitely does not resemble anyone whose origins are anywhere north of the Equator. Of course, this made me turn my attention to my kids, and I noticed that the same thing has happened to my 4.5 year old, who is sporting an actual full-on surfer tan. (And he gets 45+, even more regularly than I do.)
I concluded that I need not just regular applications of SPF lotion, but good clothes that provide maximum coverage, for both me and my children. So I recently checked out some pieces from Sun Protection Zone.
My favorite item from their site – the long sleeve rash guard. Because although I’ve seen these before, they’ve always looked horrible and uncomfortable. The ones from the Sun Protection Zone are not only nice-looking but they are thin and comfortable. (Love the Blue Flame for boys, and the Pink Kona for girls) They’ve also got hats for kids that are great – flaps on all sides also protect their necks.
Check out the Sun Protection Zone for yourself. And in the meantime, they’re offering a giveaway to two lucky Mommies with Style readers. Simply subscribe to our weekly newsletter and you’ll be entered to win the prize package. Two lucky winners will receive: a long sleeve rash guard, free bottle of Sea & Ski SPF lotion, a hat, sunglasses, and SolarSafe wristbands. This contest will run until the end of the day Monday, August 11th. The winners will be notified after that time.

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