Bringing you another review from my trip to New York City last week, check out the Whiffer Sniffer. This is one of reviews what won’t do the product justice because you really need to be able to smell it to get the full effect but you guys can imagine. These toys each come with their own scent.

I brought a clip-on Blueberry Whiffer Sniffer home for Cole and he immediately put it on his camp backpack.

There are a bunch of different scents available. I smelled a few and they were all fun – the only one I wasn’t a huge fan of was meatloaf, but I’m sure there’s a kid out there who would just love a meatloaf scented toy?

These totally take me back to trading Scratch ‘n Sniff stickers when I was in middle school. I would have killed for some Whiffer Sniffers as a kid. Super cute.

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