So if you or your kids are As Seen on TV junkies like us, you may have witnessed the commercials for Wuggle Pets. While not exactly the same, Wuggle Pets remind me of the Build-A-Bear experience.  Here’s how it works.

Kids get a unstuffed animal and using the Wuggle Pet Kit they can stuff their pets at home with stuffing, magic dust and adorable key words to give your animal “traits” that they’d like them to have.

Check out my boys here with the Starter Kit ($19.99+ S&H).


Here’s are the key ingredients that come in the box including two pets, stuffing and the Fun Factory:


Here Cole added the Magic Dust and stuffing to go into his Wuggle Pet:


Connecting the Wuggle Pet to the Fun Factory:



Cole was so excited to twist and add the stuffing and Magic Dust:


Cole selected “cool” and “brave” as personality traits for his new Wuggle Pet:


Overall, it was a fun and engaging experience for my kids.  They have named their Wuggle Pets and have been carrying them around!  Love the idea of a Wuggle Pet kit for Easter.


  1. This seems to be very funny for kids. But don’t you think that paying $20 or more for this kind of thing is very costly.

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