I own two Skip Hop Duo Bags – and they’ve always been some of my staple bags in my closet. I don’t pull them out because they make me ooh-and-ahh over them, there’s nothing flashy or over the top about them, but their functionality can not be denied which is why I always come back to them. But I hadn’t used one in awhile for whatever reason.
Then I recently got a Skip Hop Duo Glam – which is the same style as the Duo with the added pizzazz of the funky print on the outside of the bag. I pulled it out to stuff it for a short trip out. I wasn’t sure if it would fit my current needs: baby and 3-year-old who is potty training (i.e. second set of clothes for him that I don’t usually carry). But I was surprised that I had forgotten how roomy these bags really are. Again, function-wise, it can’t be beat. And I love the addition of the “Glam,” and having the fun print to jazz up its style makes me love carrying it.
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