For the entire month of May, I’m a part of a campaign with 9 other bloggers for Bump Month. Nine websites across the country will all be particpiating in celebrating everything pregnancy. We’ll talk maternity and newborn and of course we’ll have some fab giveaways along the way to let you all play along and have some fun.

Last week’s theme was birth stories.  This week’s it’s “The Moment You Knew You Were a Mom.”  But I couldn’t really pinpoint one moment.  And the topic immediately made me think of all the times I’ve said or done something and then gone, “Oh shit, I can’t believe I just said that.  I’m such a Mom.”

How many times a day do you guys all have those very same moments?  I turned to some of my Facebook friends to find out some of the crazy things they’ve said that are funny comments only a Mom can make and understand:

From Jill in MA, “Nobody eats dinner naked.”

Jennifer in PA threatened to set the timer when he daugther wouldn’t eat her vegetables.

Penny in New Zealand talks about “starving kids in Japan” when her kids won’t eat…

Julie in PA said, “Aim below the waist… and not the penis!”

Dottie in PA said, “When I was little I had to share the ONE couch we had with FIVE sisters …..and walk to school uphill with no shoes on…”

Sara in MI has said the classic, “Because I am a MOM, that’s why.”

What nutty thing have you said or done that can be only done by a Mom?

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  1. Mom/MomMom says

    I will count to ten!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mom/MomMom says

    of course begin having to use fractions by 6, if no response.. like 6-1/8, 6-2/8, 6-3/8, etc,etc. . . . .

  3. Ever reach into your purse/bag in search of a pen or your lipstick, and all you can find is crayons? Yeah, you know your a Mom, when your purse is full of Fruit Snacks, crayons and matchbox cars.

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