Sharing some quick photos from a game we played at the beach a couple of weeks back: Who’s the Dude. It’s your classic charades game with a twist – act out clues using the inflatable “Dude” that comes with the game.



Seems pretty simple and silly, right? It was good for many laughs throughout the week with family. The kids and family named him Jeff and he went beyond the party and came with us to the beach, went body surfing and hung out at dinner.



Get Who’s the Dude on Amazon or Target. Check out both to see which is cheaper! At the time of this posting, Amazon has it for some ridiculously inflated price of over $50 but I’m sure that will change. Target has it for $24.99.

I originally found out about this game and got it from a blog event at Blogger Bash, check out this post to see more toys and games I enjoyed at that conference.


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