fb When I mentioned to my mom that I was considering using cloth this time around her mouth dropped. I think it took a good 2 minutes of shock before she let out a disgusted “why?!”

I had to explain that cloth diapering has changed a lot since I was a baby. No longer is there a need for diaper pins and services (though they are certainly still available.) There are limitless options when it comes to cloth diapering (affectionally known as CDing.) People who consider cloth now get to try out the “old fashioned” prefolds with covers, but there are also All-in-Ones, Pockets, Fitteds and One Sizes. And then there are those combined.

Actually, I really wish the selection were more limited. For someone new to CDing, learning the difference, the how-tos, the care of them all becomes overwhelming. If only someone had said to me “here, this is what you need and this is how you do it. Period.”

But, they didn’t and I sampled several as I tested the cloth waters. A lot impressed me, including FuzziBunz One Size. Their One-Size system has an adjustable elastic with buttons allowing you to adjust the length of the diaper through 8 sizes, from newborn to preschooler. (Length=the area that hugs the thighs and keeps the yuck on the inside.) Additionally, its adjustable on the waist with snaps that allow for at least 4 sizes. It also has a back pocket which holds and “insert” (included). The insert absorbs extra liquid in the diaper.

FuzziBunz have a PUL (ie waterproof) outer layer to keep the outside of the diaper dry and the inside is a soft fleece, which not only absorbs the liquid, but leaves baby feeling dry.

FuzziBunz is currently offering a rewards promotion: Consumers who buy 9 FuzziBunz® One Size Diapers (or more) receive Free Products direct from their company. Similar to a rebate – you will receive $40 in FuzziBunz® goodies from diapers, accessories and more. Click here for more rewards information.


  1. I couldn’t agree more! I have some BG’s for my little man. I used them more when he was smaller but sometimes I do break them out if he’s got a bit of diaper rash that just won’t go away. It’s amazing what a natural fiber next to the skin can do… and how much wetness can be wicked away so easily! WTG for CD’ing Julie!

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