It really seems gets more and more fun with each Just Dance release from Ubisoft.  The latest is Just Dance 4 ($25 on Amazon with free shipping), and it’s out just in time for the holidays with a huge selection of hits and songs you’ll recognize and have a blast getting your groove on to with.

The fun thing about the Just Dance games is that they are family all-plays.  There are top 40 hits that my kids love getting down to, but there’s also old school songs that make the “older” generation laugh along with (Hello just LOVE that they added They Might Be Giants “Istanbul,” SO. MUCH. FUN.)

Artists such as anyone from Rihanna to Elvis are on this album so as I said earlier, it’s a great mix and there’s something for everyone!

Think of it as a a fun post-Thanksgiving week activity – a great way to burn off some turkey calories too!

All in all, this is a top holiday pick this season (I listed it as top pick for Moms but really it’s for families, kids or just about anyone! Get Just Dance 4 on Amazon for $25 on with free shipping.

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