Fighting heat? Rain? Tornadoes? Hail? Aren’t we all. Always searching for entertainment, here are a few new games to enjoy.
From Wiggity Bang my son and I have tried out two new games. Though its a bit above him, he loves playing Flapdoodle. Designed for kids ages 6 and up, this is a real reading game. So to play it with a nearly 5 year old or younger requires a lot of parent support. Still, he loves the activities that go with the game. As players move along the board, they select cards. Each card gives a silly instruction or creative activity. Kids may be asked to name everyone in the group’s middle name or jump on his foot or in circles several times in order to move ahead. They’ll interact with body parts like their toes or be instructed to tell a story. Playtime for Flapdoodle is about 45 minutes–fantastic for a rainstorm or quiet for naptime of a sibling.
Also by Wiggity Bang, we’re playing Whizizzle Phonics. Its a game that belongs in a reading specialist’s or early elemenatry classroom teacher’s room–making phonics instruction fun, which also makes it great for summer bridging activities. The object is to use up all of your cards, by matching the phonetic sound to one on a face-up card. Of course, reading is the key, and kids need to not just match the sound, but also read the word. Available as a 6 deck-series (with three decks per box), the decks are separated so that kids progress through them: short vowels sounds, long vowel sounds, vowel partners and digraphs. A great 10 minute activity for kids 4 and up, the kids are aware that they’re playing to learn. But the fact that its a game keeps it fun.
I’m told Whizizzle will be discounted for one week from this review date on the Wiggity Bang site. MSRP is $12.95.
Update: Whizizzle has been discounted to $11 per 3-pack, and there is a sample of deck 1 available for $2. Click through the link above and click “Buy Now” for the discounted prices.


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