Some deals seem too good to be true–and then you get lucky and they are true. Like Garnet Hill’s unbelieveable “further reduced” section, where they’ve slashed many desireable items down to below $5! Why do I need a lollipop tree? I’m not certain, but for $4, why not? You’ll also find lots of holiday items, accessories and even some clothing marked down like crazy.
Use code G6KMENT for $10 off $50 or M7KS132 for $20 off $100.
And, for anyone curious, yes I did finally purchase the Just for Kicks comforter that Carson has been loving in each catalog. At $100 off, who couldn’t use another set?


  1. Love this set too but now discontinued. Let me know if you ever want to sell it. My 1 year old loves balls and this one is great because its not to macho or sport specific. Thanks!

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