bmfrogs As usual, I’m totally into shoes this spring. I’ve been shopping shoes for all of my kids lately… even the unborn one! So when Bibi & Mimi sent me a pair for review, I was all-to-happy to grab them and review.

The sample I received were the Frog Shoes, which are totally springy (pale yellow with adorable green frogs.) They’re also gender neutral (score! Love gender neutral gifts) and they’re not a gender neutral blah… but a gender neutral cute that will look adorable even after I know if baby is a girl or boy.

The shoes are hand-crafted and the outer layer is all leather. Inside its lined, which I love, and the sole is cushioned for comfort. The elastic ankle is nearly fully framed in the same soft leather, allowing for chubby and skinny little ankles to feel comfort, and to help keep shoes and socks on.

Overall, I’m very impressed with Bibi & Mimi… and looking forward to the little one wearing them.

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