So how many husbands out there snore? I’m betting a good majority of them as most of my Mom friends have complained at one time or another about their husband’s nighttime noisy habits. I know mine does – it depends on several factors (whether he’s been drinking the night before, whether he has a cold). It’s bothered me more of late when I’m up in the middle of the night nursing my 3 month old while my husband sleeps next to me. (Factor in that I’m also awake while he’s asleep and you can imagine what a very grumpy person I am at 2 am!)
So the SnorEzz pillow came at the right time. It’s a special pillow designed by a woman whose husband snored. The website for the pillow claims to “help reduce snoring,” which in our case, it did. I think I had high expectations as I was hoping it would eliminate the snoring all together – I should say now that it did not. But I have definitely seen a noticeable improvement. And believe me, as I’m still up at night, I have time to notice. He still snores but not as often, and it’s only when he’s on his back on the pillow and it’s much quieter. Which definitely makes this pillow worthwhile in our case.
How does it work? According to the site, the pillow helps to keep the head and neck aligned, reducing misalignment which causes the muscles in the throat to vibrate, hence the snoring.
You can purchase the pillow on the SnorEzz website, the price ranges from $69.99-$89.99 depending on the size you order.

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