Every girl could use a pair of these. Lindsay Phillips Snap Shoes have over 1000 possibilities for daily looks.  See the flower on the top of the shoe?  It’s attached by a snap.

Buy the shoe itself for $64.00 and then you can add and purchase as many snaps as you like to change up your look on a daily basis.  How cute are these for the spring.  Each snap is $12.00.


  1. Oh my goodness- how adorable are these shoes. . and I love the snaps- Five snaps turn one pair of shoes into five ‘new’ pairs! wonderful.

  2. I have these shoes and I am here to say that they are THE MOST COMFORTABLE SHOES ever. I am 8 mon. pregnant and love how much support they give my feet for a flat, while still keeping me stylish. Goes with pretty much everything in my wardrobe too!

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