Accessories. They make the outfit. One of my favorites – the belt. Worn properly it finishes your outfit. It is a quick way to update or punch up an outfit. As an added bonus, the right one can really help hide that extra winter bulge. And there are so many options from style, to color, to material, to embellishments, to ways to wear one. 

There’s the wide belt, the skinny belt, the chunky colorful one, the one with the dazzling buckle…  The right belt can pull your whole look together. A belt can add flair to a ho-hum outfit or complete an already fabulous one. Belts have come out of the pants and are seen draped all over the

Anthropologie's Three Beat Belt

Anthropologie's Three Beat Belt

mid-body, anywhere from below the bustline to down low around the hips. There are many ways to wear them too. Over an open cardigan thrown over a shapless shirt, slung low on tunic, defining your waist with a skinny belt, adding a splash of color to a monochromatic outfit. Just make sure your chosen belt width suits your proportions. For instance if you are a little wider in the middle don’t opt for a super skinny belt.  Likewise, if you are very narrow through the middle you might want to stay away from that extra extra wide belt.

Anthropologie has some great belts this season. I am loving their Three Beat Belt for $48. It completes so many looks so nicely. Look how cute it is paired with a dress and an open cardigan.

Another Line’s Hammered Disc Chain Belt from Nordstrom for $38 would look terrific slung low around the hips over a great pair of jeans, it comes in both silver or gold.

Forever 21's Patent Skinny Belt

Forever 21's Patent Skinny Belt

If you want to play around with belts and don’t want to do any damage to your wallet check out Forever 21’s selection. Their Patent Skinny Belt comes in great colors and are retailing for only $2.50. At that price you can get one every color. Since they are so narrow they are a great way to add bright colors to your look. And skinny belts are great for accentuating the waist.

So go on — sling it, cinch it, belt it and polish your outfit.

Pick up a few new belts and play – an easy, inexpensive way to change the look of your outfits.

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