Being a “Mainerd” at heart, I did a double take several months ago while perusing a trade show. Moose, Bears and big Dogs, oh my! Hatley Nature takes on northern nature with 100% cotton pajamas, sweats and t-shirts. Their Canadian roots are comically celebrated in the adorable (and soft!) appliques and decals adorning the apparel. With clever one-liners like “I moose be dreaming,” “Trailing a little behind,” and “Bearly Sleeping,” Hatley’s clothing are fun, clever and so comfortable.
Hatley Nature’s clothing lines run baby through adult. One of my favorite holiday traditions is to gift everyone a new set of pajamas on Christmas eve. This year, my 3 year old might get a “Bear Naked” pajama set; my one year old, a “Treble Maker” coverall; my husband, a pair of “Kiss my Bass” boxers and a t-shirt that reads “Dam it,” obviously, with a beaver. For me, because, of course, I’m gifting myself to keep the tradition alive, I’m having a tough time deciding on a sleepshirt. I’m wavering between Desbearate Housewives and Hop to it, featuring, of course, frogs.
All of this humor has been extended. Hatley Nature offers more catchy t-shirts, sweatsuits (including yoga pants and hoodies for mom) and aprons (like my favorite: Big Moosetake.) Keep the fun through mealtime with their melamine dish sets.
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