You’re probably familiar with  They are the go-to resource when you’re pregnant and have a baby.  Their nifty little online tools that tell you about each week of your pregnancy, each week of development, are invaluable.

I was a religious reader of their weekly emails with both of my children.  But since my boys are now 7 & 4, I haven’t been on the site as much.  (Although I recently found out that they have updates up to age 8!)

But what I hadn’t seen before was that Babycenter goes beyond just baby talk.  They have Food & Recipes!   Readers can submit recipes and they have some fun-sounding foods listed on the site.

I’ve been drooling over this picture of Stir-Fried Tofu with Ginger that they have featured.  Doesn’t it look delicious:

Anyone can submit a recipe and you can then try and recipes and rate them.  Which I think is great – sometimes I find that the Mom-tested and approved recipe is better and easier than anything you’re going to find from a professional chef anyway.

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