This review is long overdue. Probably because I’ve been having so much fun trying out author Abby Pecoriello’s crafts that finding the time to actually sit down and review it would take away from my crafting time. Really.
When I first recieved my copy of Crafty Mama Makes 49 Fast, Fabulous, Foolproof (Baby & Toddler) Projects I read it cover to cover. Immediately inspired because even the non-crafty mom could actually see herself doing these projects. Everything was completely spelled out. Don’t know what “decoupage” is? Tie-Dye? Or how to do them? That’s okay, because you’ll learn the basics, and learn how to do these basics in a pretty crafty manner.
You’ll sense a bit of humor in the writing; its not written as literature. The instructions, and cute stories, inspirations and quotes, that go along with them are written as if in conversation over crafting and coffee. And Crafty Mama Abby Pecoriello is one of the funniest people I’ve ever known. That’s right, known. You see, I grew up with this author. A natural leader, Abby never seemed to have troubles inspiring, encouraging and cheering on her friends.
Its important to know this because if you are at all hesitant about buying a crafting book that preaches how to make pretties, don’t hesitate with this one. Once Abby, a TV producer and writer whose credits include The Little Einsteins, became a mommy, she, as many of us, needed something to do, so she started a Mom’s Group: Crafty Mamas at a JCC in NY. Quickly, Crafty Mama’s began booking up, again and again. Likely because Crafty Mamas’ crafts were crafts to be done by the not-necessarily crafty. No background required. Crafty Mamas were moms like you, me, and your down-the-street-neighbor. And the crafts were simple enough, inexpensive enough, and practical enough to allow for fun while crafting.
Finally, Abby pulled together her favorite projects and released them all into her book. The perfect accompaniment to form a new mom’s group, or take along to your next playgroup. Or you can do as I do, and craft with your preschoolers. Many of these crafts are that simple. And, let me tell you, once you finish a project, everyone will be shocked to learn you did it.


  1. I got this book from a friend and LOVE it! I have already made three ponchos for my 2 year old. They are too cute and took about 20 minutes to make and I am not crafty! You must check it out.

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