Back by popular demand is another giveaway from Jewels & Pinstripes, the a premier designer of luxury gift bags, specializing in creating VIP thank-you bags for charity benefits and high profile events.

This time they are giving away one of their popular Let’s Hear It For the Boy gift bags. (Other recipients of this bag include Kimora and Lance Armstrong)

Included in this baby boy bag are: Isabelle Grace jewelry gift certificate, birth announcements and coordinating stationery, Angel Dear Modern Classic Solids Polo and Pants, and Blue elephant and brown giraffe blankie, Kokopax classic carrier gift certificate, Fleurville Lexie tote in blue loveknots, Snuggle Me’z all-in-one infant car seat snuggler, Shari’s Berries gift certificate for one dozen blue chocolate covered strawberries,  Dr. Bloom’s Chewable Jewels teething jewelry, The Peanut Shell pouch-style baby sling, Ticklebug Baby Baby Changing Kit™ and Activity Carrier, Mabel’s Labels, Stonz Wear Booties in stripe brown, stride rite early walker shoes, gift certificate for The Patchwork Bear personalized handmade bear, gift certificate for Danajill Designs custom baby clothing, Surfer Baby surfboard burp cloth and bib set and floppy hat, CaitiMac Creations clingy cord and embroidered burp cloth, Life is good monkey pocket romper,  Beba Bean Pee-Pee Teepee and Ladybugs and Lullabies no slip pacifier clip.

So all of this will belong to one lucky Mommies with Style reader.  To enter, leave a comment about which of the items in the bag is your favorite.


  1. Jessica T says

    Wow – everything looks sooo great! But, Blue Chocolate Strawberries – how awesome does that sound!

  2. Alisa Openshaw says

    I think the KoKopax is so neat! I’ve never seen one and was excited and impressed with this classic carrier!

  3. Kristi Black says

    I LOVE the idea of teething Jewellery!!!

  4. I’m already a big fan of the Peanut Shell sling… I have 3! But I also love Fleurville, and would love to try out the peepee teepee! 🙂

  5. daniele stanley says

    I just love love love Isabelle Grace jewelry. It is very simple yet exquisite.

  6. Stride Rite shoes since my little guy will be ready for walking soon!

  7. We could definitely use all of the items! I love stride-rite as they are known to be a good solid shoe for beginners. And, I have to say, I could definitely use the chocolate covered strawberries right now!

  8. Mabel’s Labels are the best. I use them on everything and they actually stay. I am always getting compliments on behalf of my kids. These labels have saved us many times!

  9. I love Life is Good! They have the cutest designs and are so soft, too.

  10. Christina says

    Love the Kokopax carrier! It would be so useful for all of our summer activities!

  11. I think the clingy cords are a fabulous product. Every kids throws so I would love to win one of those.

  12. I love the Patchwork Bears oh my! I am in heaven! Love all the different themes, variety etc. Thanks for giving your readers this wonderful opportunity!

  13. I love the Fleurville diaper bag! It holds so much stuff and looks great! I have two of them! 🙂

  14. My top pick would be Stride Rite. What a great set of items!!!

  15. I have been trying to convince my husband that Mabel’s Labels are a necessity for a year now!!!

  16. Stride rite 🙂

  17. Mike Ross says

    Would be a great gift for my wife!!!

  18. Mike Ross says

    loves stride right

  19. Jenn Sheridan says

    Very cool! I especially like the Life Is Good romper… 🙂

  20. This is AWESOME! What a great giveaway!

  21. Mabel’s Labels are my very favorite!

  22. What a great product! Dr. Bloom’s Chewable Jewels has so many an amazing functional accessories. What a great way to be able to still be a stylish mommy, wear jewelry and not worry if baby is tuggy or chewing on it. Two thumbs up!

  23. Samantha V says

    I love Fleurville diaper bags. Having a boy, I’d really like a blue bag. People assume he’s a girl just because I have a pink diaper bag (from my daughter). Though, I think I’m in NEED of the pee-pee teepee’s.. These “golden showers” and “frappuccino’s” are not so funny anymore… 😉

  24. So many great things to choose from so deciding on a favorite was hard. I think I would have to go with GC from Isabelle Grace and use it towards the Circle of Love necklace.

  25. So hard to pick a favorite with a list like this one. To narrow it down, I really would love the Birth Announcement certificate from I’m having a boy in October and always find it hard to muster up the funds for announcements after paying for the birth. Would love to send out a really sweet card to announce our new addition to the family. Also, the blue elephant and brown giraffe blanky sounds adorable! Thanks!

  26. I love stride rite shoes, and most importantly my daughter loves them too.

  27. Just like Brooke said, it’s really hard to pick a favorite from that list, but I have to say Stride Rite is one of my favorites. Im a stride Rite customer for life. My son was born with very wide and thick “flintstone” feet, but he was an early walker and needed shoes. I shopped everywhere and the only place that had shoes to fit without buying too long. My son is now three and Im expecting again, I plan to continue with stride rite with him and my next child.

  28. I love the Life is Good monkey pocket romper, but I think my most favorite thing of all is that it’s something for boys!!! I’ve got twin baby boys and no one does boy giveaways!!!

  29. Maria-Daphne says

    Wow, so many wonderful items to choose from but since I have to pick one, it would be the patchwork bear. So soft and cuddly and I love that they can be personalized.

  30. Fleurville Lexie tote in blue loveknot!

  31. Can’t go wrong with such wonderful picks and to top it these are for the special little guys in our lives. Luv stride rite!!

  32. Erica Cooper says

    Cool bag, I really love the website.

  33. Pouch-style baby sling from the Peanut Shell – the blue chocolate strawberries from Shari’s Berries were a close second!!!

  34. peanut shell sling is sublimely beautiful and functional!

  35. My wife is always looking at this website and I can see why. This entire set would be great for our boy who is on his way. She is 6 months along and baby stuff are really expensive.

  36. Is this giveaway still active?
    Well, if so I love the Life is Good Monkey Pocket Romper although the Pee-Pee Teepees are so funny!!!

  37. Susan Donnelly says

    I love the Life is Good stuff, it’s so fun and nice fabrics.

  38. Love the patchwork bear with the American flag… though the Lexi tote is cool too.

  39. Tiffany Orr says

    I love the birth announcements and stationary. When my next baby comes, much like my first, I’ll want to announce it, shout it out, yell it, scream it, and all around celebrate!!

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