Inspired by a love of animation and the intent to educate parents and children, a team of Southern California animators formed Punch Bowl Productions. Together, they recently produced their first DVD, Funky Monkey presents Music Time.
This simple DVD introduces an oh-so-happy monkey, Funky. With simple illustrations, music basics (like those I remember learning in about 4th grade) are introduced to preschoolers, toddlers and their families.
As I type, the boys are watching Funky swinging rhythmically on a vine, while notes “lay down on a line.” And we’ve been clapping out half-notes, quarter-notes and eight-notes. Let me tell you… I’m not musically inclined. There’s been no musical inclination in my family in generations… I didn’t even know what what a half-note was until this week. (sorry Mrs. K, I don’t remember what I learned in your music class in 4th grade.) The kids are really enjoying the different styles of music in this DVD. There are scenes of kids playing instruments and dancing, and many other scenes with our animated friend while a narrator talks to him, singers entertain wtih a variety of music styles that teach music lessons through out.
If your kids, or you, are even the tiniest bit interested in music, check out this DVD. You can view a preview on their website (my 2-year-old sampled the preview and said “Whoa! Mom! Whoa!”) There’s also a sampling of their music on the site. I’m sure its only a matter of time until a CD is released… and I’m sure that CD will be playing on our roadtrips!
Funky Monkey isn’t stopping with one DVD. Punchbowl Productions is currently developing sequels, like Nursery Rhyme Time and Hip Hop Time.

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